Welcome to Art by Kaari

ArtbyKaari is nature-inspired art & design born from the studio of Kaari Selven...

        It all began with a simple desire by me, Kaari, to draw every day. Eventually, that desire turned into a concrete dream to never stop creating by starting a one-woman small business. My motto throughout the entire artistic journey has become increasingly more befitting to the direction I’ve pursued with my art: explore to create.  

       Through my creations, I can only hope that I provoke a sense of wonder, beauty and adventure rooted in our relationship as humans to the natural world. The more I feel and experience the serenity of the outdoors, the more I find myself pushed to dream up new drawings inspired by Mother Earth. When viewing my body of work as a whole, the dual themes of growth and identity emerge as evidence of the influence nature has had on me as a person and as an artist. 

       My medium of choice has evolved to be primarily pen & ink (sometimes traditional, most of the time digital). You can identify my work by the obsessive amount of detail, precise linework and shading with high-contrast between black and white. 

       Lastly, if you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, that is a fairly common inquiry. Kaari rhymes with sorry, or better yet, Ferrari! Now that you know, don’t let me catch you calling me Carrie ;) 

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